Rhino 3D – Essentials


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Rhino 3D - Essentials


In this comprehensive 3-day class you’ll learn to create and edit accurate free-form 3-D NURBS models. This fast-moving class covers most of Rhino’s functionality, including the most advanced surfacing commands.


3 Days (9:30am – 4:30pm) Demonstration & Practical Exercises


Windows skills and a desire to model are desired. Previous drafting and modelling experience helpful but not required.

Course Outline

Introduction to Rhino

  • Brief Introduction
  • Get acquainted with the Rhino screen and menus
  • Navigate around the Rhino model
  • Create 2-D lines, polylines, and NURBS curves
  • Modeling setup and mode functions, ortho, grip, snap and planner
  • Rhino layering system
  • Delete objects

Precision Modelling

  • Use coordinates and constraints to model easily and accurately
  • DrawEstablish the current construction plane
  • Draw polygons and ellipses
  • Draw free-form curves and compare interpolated
  • Control point curves
  • Draw with absolute, relative rectangular and polar coordinates
  • Distance and angle constraints
  • Viewports and construction planes
  • Model in 3D space
  • Elevator mode
  • Rectangle command and its options
  • Point selection with object snaps
  • Analysis commands, length, distance, angle radius
  • Draw circles, arcs, ellipse and polygon curves
  • Model free-form curves

More on Curves, Displays and Editing

  • Use commands to produce complex and detailed variations on the curves
  • Loft and extrude curves into surfaces and solids
  • Pan zoom and rest model views
  • Edit curves with fillet and chamfer
  • Loft and extrude curves
  • General editing
  • Move, copy, rotate, mirror, scale
  • Array polar and rectangular
  • Boolean union, difference and intersection
  • Offset curves and surfaces
  • Trim and split for curves and surfaces
  • Extend and extend to surface

Intermediate edit and surfacing, and solids commands

  • Learn additional editing commands
  • Use commands to build practice models
  • Reinforce concepts of model setup and drawing accurate 2D geometry to build precision 3D shapes
  • Free–form curves
  • Control point editing of curves and surfaces
  • Create deformable shapes
  • Curve creation through projection
  • Split surfaces with curves and surfaces
  • Blend between two surfaces
  • Create solid primitives and solid text
  • Model with pipe and extrude
  • Modifying solids with Booleans
  • Extrude and loft surfaces
  • Revolve curves into surfaces
  • Sweep 1 and 2 rail curves
  • Surface with network of curves


  • Reinforce commands and skills create models. Toy car, Duck, Hammer, Dinosaur
  • Alternative models can be created including Aircraft, Boat, Spiral staircase which MUST be agreed prior to the course starting
  • Setup toy car model
  • Create the Toy Car construction lines with precision
  • Build the Toy Car surfaces
  • Setup Toy Duck model
  • Build the Toy Duck surfaces
  • Setup Hammer model
  • Create the Hammer construction lines with precision
  • Build the Hammer surfaces
  • Setup and Dinosaur model
  • Sketch over back ground image
  • Generate sectional curve
  • Build the Dinosaur surfaces

Next Steps

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