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Revit Structure - Advanced


Delegates learn a wide range of advanced topics in Revit Structure, building on the concepts introduced in the Revit Structure Essentials course. Hands-on exercises teach delegates about detailing and detail components, rebar, families, analytical analysis, as well as how to collaborate on a design with other professionals. This course offers both imperial and metric hands-on exercises representing real-world design scenarios. The main objective of this courseware is to teach delegates the powerful tools and advanced techniques for creating Complex designs with Revit Structure. After completing this course, delegates will be able to work with detailing and detail components, describe rebar and families, and perform analytical analysis. Collaborate on a design with other professionals or team members using Revit Structure.


2 Days (9:30am – 4:30pm) Demonstration & Practical Exercises


Before using this courseware, delegates should have completed the Revit Structure Essentials course or have equivalent experience using Revit Structure. In addition, delegates should have working knowledge of the following: Structural engineering or architectural design and Microsoft Windows XP/Vista.

Course Outline

Working with Detail Components and Managing Details

  • Creating a 2D Detail Component
  • Creating and Editing Detail Component Groups
  • Managing a Library of Typical Details

Working with Rebar

  • Adding 3D Rebar to Beams and Columns
  • Adding Reinforcement to Walls and Slabs

Working with Families

  • Creating a slab on Metal Deck
  • Creating a Precast Hollow Core Slab
  • Creating a Tapered Moment Frame
  • Creating a 3D Steel Gusset Plate
  • Working with steel stiffeners
  • Creating a Stepped Footing

Creating Trusses

  • Modifying an Open web Joist
  • Creating a new truss from the library.

Exploring Analytical Tools

  • Working with the Analytical Model
  • Adjusting the Analytical Model
  • Checking for analytical consistencies
  • Adding and modifying boundary conditions
  • Analyzing and updating the model with ROBOT millennium
  • Analyzing and updating the model with RISA
  • Analyzing and updating the model with ADAPT
  • Analyzing and updating the model with ETABS

Working with clients and consultants using DWG files

  • Importing and Exporting to AutoCAD
  • Importing and Exporting to AutoCAD Architecture

Working with clients and consultants using Revit Architecture

  • Linking Revit Models
  • Coordinating and monitoring changes
  • Checking and fixing interference conditions

Multiuser Work sharing

  • Creating and using worksets
  • Managing worksheets

Sharing your Design using DWF

  • Importing and publishing using DWF format
  • Working with DWF markup files

Importing and exporting data with IFC format

  • Importing and exporting with IFC format
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