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In the Autodesk Maya Modelling course, you will learn the major functions of both the interface and modelling in Maya.

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Autodesk Maya Modeling : The Complete Guide

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Autodesk Maya Modeling course is designed to enables you to create realistic 3D models and visual effects with ease. Used to create interactive 3D applications, Maya is a comprehensive toolset that allows you to realize your creative vision. In this course, you will learn the major functions of both the interface and modelling in Maya.

Course Outline:

  1. Exploring Maya Interface
    • Autodesk Maya Screen Components I
    • Autodesk Maya Screen Components II
    • Shelf
    • Tool Box
    • Time Slider and Range Slider
    • Panel Toolbar II
    • Channel Box / Layer Editor
    • Attribute Editor, Hotbox and Other
  2. Polygon Modeling
    • Polygon Primitives I
    • Polygon Primitives II
    • Polygon Primitives III
    • Polygon Editing Tools
    • Editing the Polygon Components
    • Editing the Polygon Components Using Mesh Tools
  3. NURBS Curves and Surfaces
    • NURBS Primitives
    • NURBS Primitives II
    • NURBS Primitives III
    • Tools for Creating NURBS Curves II
  4. NURBS Modeling
    • Working with NURBS Tools
    • Working with NURBS Tools II
    • Converting Objects
  5. UV Mapping
    • UV Mapping
    • UV Mapping II
    • UV Layout Group
    • UV Layout Group II
    • UV Layout Group III
  6. Shading and Texturing
    • Working in the Hypershade Window
    • Hypershade Tab Toolbar
    • Exploring the Shaders
    • Shader Attributes
  7. Lighting
    • Types of Lights
    • Types of Lights II
    • Glow and Halo Effects
    • Physical Sun and Sky Effects
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