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AutoCAD Mechanical Course is designed to give you a solid understanding of the features for mechanical / manufacturing design and documentation.

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AutoCAD Mechanical: The Complete Guide

AutoCAD Mechanical is a specialized “flavor” of AutoCAD, with features designed specifically for mechanical / manufacturing design and documentation. This standards-based application provides mechanically focused content, geometry creation tools, and annotation features creating a more efficient environment for mechanical drafters and designers.

To get the most out of this course, we strongly recommend you review every topic within the course, and use all the learning styles to ensure you retain the important information within. We also encourage you to take all the progress tests to ensure you have retained the knowledge, and most importantly practice with the hundreds of real world, Let Me Try examples.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to AutoCAD Mechanical
    • AutoCAD Mechanical
  2. Mechanical Drawing and Editing
    • AutoCAD Mechanical Lines
    • Construction Lines Centerlines
    • Drawing and Editing Tools
  3. Layers
    • Working with Layers
  4. Blocks, Libraries and Mechanical Content
    • Block and Libraries
    • Mechanical Content Inserting Other Content Building Your Own Content
  5. Structure
    • Working with Mechanical Structure
    • Additional Structure Tools
  6. Detailing the Drawing
    • Dimensioning
    • Annotations and Detailing
  7. Bill of Materials, Parts Lists, and Balloons
    • Bill of Materials, Parts Lists, and Balloons
  8. Preparing the Drawing for Printing
    • Working with Model Space and Layouts
    • Additional Tools
  9. Data Exchange Between CAD Systems
    • Importing Data and View Creation
  10. Machinery Generators and Calculators
    • Generators and Standard Parts Tools
    • Calculators
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