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AutoCAD – Intermediate


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AutoCAD - Intermediate


AutoCAD is the latest version of Autodesk’s Computer Aided Design software. This course is designed for AutoCAD users who require additional training. It incorporates the features, commands and techniques for becoming more productive when creating, annotating, and printing drawings with AutoCAD.


2 Days (9:30am – 4:30pm) Demonstration & Practical Exercises


Delegates should have an understanding of 2D AutoCAD drafting and an understanding of the Windows user interface

Course Outline

Drawing Objects

  • Creating and Editing Multilines
  • Creating Revision Clouds
  • Wipeout Objects
  • Boundaries, Regions and Gradients
  • Construction Lines
  • Add Text Fields
  • Using Tracking and Temporary Track Points

Manipulating Objects & Data

  • Selecting Objects and Filter selections
  • Purging Objects
  • Working with Point Objects
  • Dividing and Measuring Objects
  • Using the Calculator
  • Rotate with Copy and Reference
  • Using Join, Align and Drawn Order

Template Drawing Creation

  • Creating Drawing Templates
  • Assigning plot styles to templates

Annotative Styles and Objects

  • Text, Dimensions and Multileader Styles
  • Hatch and Blocks
  • Working with and creating Dimension Sub-styles & Overrides

Using Advanced dimension techniques

  • Object Driven Dimensioning
  • Creating Centre Marks and Center Lines
  • Creating Ordinate Dimensions
  • Quick, Continue and Baseline Dimensions
  • Auto-Adjust Spacing, Break, Joggle and Inspection Dimensions
  • Placing Geometric Tolerances

Reusable Content

  • Using DesignCenter
  • Creating and organising Tool Palettes
  • Creating and editing Attributes
  • Blocks & Attributes
  • Understanding Autodesk Seek


  • Managing, Editing and Selecting
  • Un-Grouping
  • Bounding Box

External References

  • Managing DWG, DWF, Images and PDFs as XRefs
  • Attaching and Overlays
  • Loading and Reloading
  • Detaching and Binding
  • Clipping and Fading
  • Managing layers with in XRefs

Special focus on using PDFs

  • Attaching
  • Scaling
  • Snapping to and tracing over
  • Importing PDFs

Creating Tables

  • Working with Table Styles
  • Creating and Editing Tables

Layouts & Viewports

  • Creating, setting-up and modifying Layouts
  • Printing/plotting Layouts
  • Creating and working with Layout Viewports
  • Controlling Object Visibility in Layout
  • Working with Plotter Configuration
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