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AutoCAD Architecture – Advanced


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AutoCAD Architecture - Advanced


This courseware covers many of the advanced features of AutoCAD Architecture. Delegates learn how to set up a project, create tool catalogs and styles, and export to different output formats.


3 Days (9:30am – 4:30pm)


Previous AutoCAD Architecture experience is neccessary.

Course Outline

General Style Information

  • Using the Style Manager
  • General Style Properties
  • Working with Materials, Classifications, and Display Properties

Wall Properties

  • Creating and Changing Wall Modifiers
  • Miscellaneous Wall Tools
  • Complex Wall Shapes

Advanced Sections and Elevations

  • Horizontal and Vertical Sections
  • Subdivisions, Linework, Material Boundaries

Massing Studies

  • Mass Elements and Mass Groups
  • Converting Mass Elements to Walls

Space Panning

  • Modifying Spaces
  • Grouping Spaces into Zones
  • Evaluating Space Information
  • Displaying Themes and Spaces

Architectural Object Styles

  • Creating Door, Window, and Space Styles

Annonation Object Styles

  • Schedule Table Styles
  • AEC Dimension Styles and the AEC Dimension Style Wizard
  • Creating Display Theme Styles
  • Curtain Wall and Door/Window Assembly Styles

Customising Content

  • Customising Tool Palettes
  • Using the Content Browser
  • Creating Multi-View Blocks
  • Creating Custom Content

Project Standards

Layer Standards and Overrides

Display Control Basics

Changing Object Display Properties

Setting up new Display Controls

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Next Steps

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