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AutoCAD - Advanced


AutoCAD is the latest version of Autodesk’s Computer Aided Design software. This course is designed for Intermediate AutoCAD users who require advanced training. It incorporates the features, commands and techniques for becoming more productive when creating, annotating, and printing drawings with AutoCAD.


2 Days (9:30am – 4:30pm) Demonstration & Practical Exercises


Delegates should have a good understanding of 2D AutoCAD drafting and an understanding of the Windows user interface.

Course Outline

Parametric Drawing

  • Understand 2D parametric drawing
  • Introduction to Constraints
  • Using Parameters and Formula
  • Creating parametric 2D drawing elevations

Dynamic Blocks

  • Using Dynamic Blocks
  • Adding Parameters to Dynamic
  • Adding Actions to Dynamic Blocks
  • Creating Dynamic Blocks

Sheet Sets

  • Creating Sheet Sets
  • Working with Sheet Sets
  • Setting Sheet Set Properties
  • Using Fields in Sheet Sets
  • Using Attributes in Sheet Sets
  • Publishing, Transmitting, and
  • Archiving Sheet Sets

Creating Tables

  • Extracting Attributes to Tables
  • Exporting and Importing Tables
  • Creating Tables Linked to External
  • Using and linking Table Cells
  • Using embedded formula

Co-Ordinate System

  • Understanding UCS and WCS
  • Managing the UCS
  • Storing and retrieving UCS locations


  • Understanding the View Manager
  • Creating and using Views
  • View Management

Isometric Drawing Tools

  • Using the Isometric Grip and Snaps
  • Isocircle command
  • Using the ISO Grid4
  • Creating an Isometric Template
  • Using Iso-Tracking

General Command Utility

  • Activity Recorder
  • User Interface….CUI
  • Edit Aliases and command short cuts
  • CAD Standards
  • Linetype Scale in Layout and Model
  • Using Set Location of drawing
  • Customisation of the Status Line
  • Isolate Objects
  • Understand OSMODE
  • Object and layer Transparency
  • Using Fields


  • Understanding drawing units
  • Work in Metres, Feet and Inches
  • Understanding the –DWGUNITS command
  • Managing Block Units
  • Printing with Units

AutoCAD Set-up

  • Using the Options dialogue box
  • Understanding file locations
  • Editing the Display
  • Understanding File Safety Precautions
  • Setting default printers
  • Right Mouse Customization
  • Select settings saving and using Profiles
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