CAD Consultancy

The key to successful technology adoption is a thorough understanding of the design process, personnel, and workflow within your organisation. Cadpoint can help you understand your business critical issues and develop a plan to improve work processes, reduce risk and increase quality. Our consultants will work with you to develop important strategic insight which, when acted upon, will start to deliver immediate productivity gains.

Our experience shows that successful companies increase their return on investment by a realisation that software purchase is only the first step in the process to make their company more competitive. Every organisation should create and continually evaluate a technology plan which will include all aspects of software, custom add-ons, hardware, infrastructure, workflow, people skills, maintenance and support. Any of these areas that are not properly addressed can create serious bottlenecks, and therefore inefficiencies in the design process. Cadpoint is a leading design technology provider that wants to understand your work processes and help you deliver real value to your organisation.

Requirements Analysis

Whether your goal is more effective use of your existing CAD platform, or to migrate from a legacy system, Cadpoint can help you achieve significant productivity gains by developing and delivering a targeted plan of action. At the beginning of this process, our consulting services team will conduct a Design Process Review (DPR) to uncover the steps for a long-term solution that will meet and often exceed your business needs. We will work together with you to discover where the most significant pain points are in your organisation’s workflow and develop an appropriate technology plan to resolve these issues. Our team is able to draw from extensive experience and a wealth of industry resources to create a plan aimed at realising tangible improvements in your business.

A Design Process Review (DPR) typically considers the following:

  • IT / Software / Hardware Suitability
  • Team Workflow and Procedures
  • CAD Management Tools and Documentation
  • CAD Skills Analysis
  • Software Audits
  • Technology Plans


With the right technology plan in place, you will have an effective tool to achieve your efficiency goals.

Implementation services typically include the following:

  • Software and Hardware Deployment
  • Pilot Installations
  • CAD Standards and Manuals
  • Best Practice Documentation
  • Creation of Content Libraries and Templates
  • Software Customisation and Development

Training and Education

Technical training ensures a higher return on your investment. Typically, when an individual uses new software, productivity can drop by up to 30%. Unfortunately, without any benchmarks to go by, this performance decrease is easily accepted as the inevitable and not properly addressed, resulting in serious long term inefficiencies. Your urgent deadlines and multiple projects won’t wait while you try to learn important commands and features of your new software. Guessing how to use new features and searching through manuals is slow and frustrating. With professional development, you will reduce the time spent learning and quickly reach a higher level of productivity. Cadpoint offers flexible training and education options to helps your business maximise productivity and therefore achieve a significant competitive advantage.

Click here for full details on our training and education programmes.

Contract CAD Management

Cadpoint Professional Services offers Contract CAD Management as part of its extensive portfolio of support services.

Contract CAD Management provides an economical solution to your CAD management needs.With industry experts able to enhance your in-house team and ensure that you maximise your software investment as well as ensuring that your processes and workflows exploit your technology investment.

A typical CAD Management programme would include:

  • Company CAD strategy proposals
  • CAD standards maintenance
  • Workflow definition and documentations
  • Support issue resolution
  • Project setup and configuration
  • Change management resolution
  • Software and hardware advice
  • Bespoke customisation (CUIs, Scripts, Lisp, VB or VBA)
  • CAD Standards update or definitions
  • Bespoke staff education workshops
  • Bespoke content creation
  • Industry awareness

These services can also be supplemented as required with:

  • CAD Standards definition
  • Bespoke application creation
  • Bespoke software training
  • Autodesk Update Training

Cadpoint offer CAD Management Services based upon an agreed number of days per month with a minimum three month contract.

By integrating this along with Cadpoint’s Design Process Review, Software Deployment, Training and Support Contracts Services, a complete CAD Management solution is available.

Next Steps

Our helpful team service a number of sectors including architecture, construction, manufacturing and retail. If you would like to discuss a project or our services in more detail, please call us on 01344 751300 or email