BIM Services - Consultancy and Training

Do you want to learn more about BIM? Are you keen to develop a BIM strategy that will work for your business?  Cadpoint’s BIM Services and BIM Consultants will help you on your journey to adopting BIM in your business.

Our BIM Services – Consultancy includes:

  • BIM Process Assessment
  • BIM Content Creation (using Revit / AutoCAD)
  • BIM Template Creation (using Revit / AutoCAD)
  • BIM Protocols (using Revit / AutoCAD)
  • BIM Creation of Standards (using Revit / AutoCAD

BIM Services – Training include:

  • AutoCAD Essentials
  • Revit Architecture Essentials
  • Revit Architecture – Family Editing
  • Revit Architecture – Conceptual Modelling
  • Revit Architecture – Advanced Design Tools
  • Revit Architecture – Worksharing
  • Navisworks – Essentials
  • 3ds Max – Essentials
  • Project Workshop (Revit / AutoCAD/Navisworks/3ds Max)
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Do you want to understand more about 3D and BIM? Do you want to create a strategy for your business?

Then come along to this event where you’ll hear how other businesses have successfully transitioned from 2D to BIM. 

Recent delegate comments:

“Very informative and helpful to take first steps in understanding how we can effectively use BIM in the future”

“Getting to hear from other businesses about their attitude to BIM was invaluable. The presentations were clear, engaging and informative”

BIM Services - Webinar Moving from 2D to BIM 28 Jan'21

2-Part Webinar

With the success of our face-to-face workshop, we have brought this on-line in a 2-part free webinar. To find out more and to register please click here.

This event is ideal for architectural firms with 1-20 architects looking to move from 2D to BIM.  Our technical consultants will highlight how businesses have successfully made the transition from 2D to BIM and provide you a practical introduction to Autodesk Revit and BIM360

BIM Resources

We’ve compiled some reports and articles that might be of interest to you:

The National BIM Report 2019

Recognised as one of the industry’s most comprehensive reviews into the use of BIM, this eighth report shares insights into the achievements and challenges of the industry.

Download report

the b1m logo

The B1M channel for construction

This popular video channel for construction shares knowledge and expertise to millions of viewers every month.

Visit The B1M

govt bim image

HM Government Industrial strategy – Building Information Modelling 

This capability assessment sets out the actions that government and industry will take to create opportunities for the UK construction sector by becoming a world leader in Building Information Modelling (BIM). Read report

Construction 2025 image

Construction 2025

Construction 2025 is a joint strategy which sets out how industry and Government will work together to put Britain at the forefront of global construction. Read report
bim standards image

British Standards and Publicly Available Specifications

This suite of documents is available for free download, made possible due to government and industry sponsorship. Download standards

What is ISO 19650

ISO 19650 is a series of international standards. It defines the collaborative processes for the effective management of information throughout the delivery and operational phase of assets when building information modelling (BIM) is being used.

Based upon the UK 1192 series, the ISO 19650 series enables teams from around the world to minimize wasteful activities and increase predictability around cost and time, through a common approach to the management of information. For more information please visit NBS 

Revit IFC Manual

If you are a Revit user, this is an invaluable guide for if you handling IFC files.  It shows how the various options and settings in Revit affect the quality and subsequent use of an IFC file. You will learn how to export, link and open IFC files in Revit.

BIM For Small Firms

A worthwhile read – definitive guide for small businesses.  As standards develop around the world (including BIM Level 2 in the UK), technology and process will become ever more important to enabling growth for even small Architect firms. Separate fact from fiction, and see how far the benefits of BIM adoption outweigh the risks – this infographic explains all

Webinars: Implementing BIM Level 2 using ISO 19650

Pre-recorded Webinars

Technical consultant Jonathan Reinhardt gives excellent information about implementing BIM Level 2 using ISO 19650 throughout three informative videos.  They will cover the concepts & principles of moving your design & construction information to a digital process.  To view click this link

Wish to purchase or find out more about Autodesk Revit for your BIM journey? 

We have various options below:

Revit LT
Autodesk Revit LT Suite
Autodesk Revit 2021
Autodesk AEC Collection

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