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From mechanical design aids to architecture tools to model-based GIS and mapping features, subscribe to AutoCAD software and access industry-specific toolsets, plus web and mobile apps.


Work faster with specialised toolsets

AutoCAD now includes industry-specific features and libraries for architecture, mechanical design, electrical design and more.

  • Automate floor plans, sections, levels and other drawings.
    Draw piping, plumbing and ducting for faster design with mechanical tools.
  • Design ductwork, electrical conduit and circuiting for HVAC, plumbing and electrical with MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing).
AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets
AutoCAD Mobile App

Take your work with you with AutoCAD
web and mobile apps

With a single AutoCAD subscription, work anywhere and stay connected to your DWG™ files on any platform—desktop, web, or mobile. Easily move data and drawings between your desktop, web browser and phone.

What’s included

Specialized toolsets offer industry-specific features to help you design more quickly and easily:

  • Create details, views, and more.
  • Automate tasks and annotations.
  • Use a rules-driven workflow to enforce industry standards and generate schedules, lists, and tables.
  • Access libraries of symbols, parts, and detail components.

Download and use only the toolset you need, when you need it.

AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets
Autodesk AutoCAD Logo

The original AutoCAD 2D and 3D CAD software provides innovative tools for design and documentation.

  • Create and edit 2D geometry and 3D models with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects.
  • Annotate drawings with text, dimensions, leaders, and tables.
  • Customize the ribbon and tool palettes.
  • Customize with add-on apps and APIs.
  • Extract object data to tables.
  • Attach and import data from PDF files.
AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets

Adds features for architectural drawing, documentation, and schedules, and for automating drafting tasks.

  • Create floor plans, sections, elevations, and other building design drawings using specialized tools.
  • Additional features include walls, door, and windows.
  • Use 8,000+ intelligent architectural objects and styles to support AIA 2nd edition, BS1192 DIN 276, ISYBAU Long Format, ISYBAU Short Format, and STLB layer standards
AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets
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Autocad Electrical Logo

Adds electrical design features to help you create, modify, and document electrical controls systems.

  • Create panel layouts, schematic diagrams, and other electrical drawings using specialized tools.
  • Use consistent project standards with drawings organized in a project-based structure.
  • Includes a library of 65,000+ intelligent electrical symbols to support AS, GB, IEC, IEC-60617, JIC, JIS, NFPA, and IEEE standards.
AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets
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Autocad Map 3D Logo

Adds features for architectural drawing, documentation, and schedules, and for automating drafting tasks.

  • Create, maintain, and communicate mapping and GIS information within the AutoCAD drawing environment.
  • Use task-based tools to manage GIS data and aggregate it with design data.
  • Access spatial data stored in files, databases, and web services.
  • Use standard data schema, automated business workflows, and report templates for Electric North America, Electric Europe, Water, Wastewater, and Gas industries.
AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets
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Autocad Mechanical Logo

Adds a library of standards-based parts and tools to help you create, modify, and document mechanical designs for manufacturing.

  • Automate mechanical engineering tasks, such as generating machine components, dimensioning, and creating bills of material.
  • Create parts, assemblies, and other drawings for product design using specialized tools.
  • Use 700,000+ intelligent manufacturing parts, features, and symbols to support ISO, ANSI, DIN, JIS, BSI, CSN, and GB standards.
AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets
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Adds features to help you draft, design, and document MEP building systems in an AutoCAD environment.

  • Create accurate construction documentation of MEP systems design.
  • Use task-based tools to create MEP drawings for building systems.
  • Use 10,500+ intelligent MEP objects to support AIA 2nd edition, BS1192 Descriptive, and BS1192 – AUG Version 2 standards, and DIN 276, ISYBAU Long Format, ISYBAU Short Format, and STLB layer standards.
AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets
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Autocad Plant 3D Logo

Adds features to help you produce P&IDs, and then integrate them into a 3D plant design model.

  • Generate and share isometrics, orthographics, and materials reports.
  • Create schematic diagrams, plant layouts, and other drawings for plant design using specialized tools.
  • Includes a library of 400+ intelligent plant objects such as equipment templates, support templates, and structural members to support 40 standards, including ANSI and DIN.
AutoCAD 2019 - One Autocad - Available Toolsets

Adds raster-to-vector tools to help you convert raster images into DWG™ objects. Edit scanned drawings in a familiar AutoCAD environment.

  • Despeckle, bias, mirror, and touch up your images.
  • Use standard AutoCAD commands on raster regions and primitives. Easily erase raster images, lines, arcs, and circles.
  • Create lines and polylines from raster images, and convert raster files into vector drawings.
  • Show and analyze geo images in Civil 3D civil engineering software and the AutoCAD Map 3D toolset.
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AutoCAD mobile app

Take the power of AutoCAD wherever you go.

  • View, create, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings on mobile devices—anytime, anywhere.
  • Work on the latest drawings right at the jobsite.
  • Access updates in real time.

Access AutoCAD from any computer.

  • View, create, and edit AutoCAD drawings.
  • Work on the latest drawings from anywhere.
  • Access updates in real time.
Import PDF files

Import the geometry from a PDF file into your drawing as an object.

Share design views

Collaborate with stakeholders by publishing your drawing views to the cloud.

External file references

Save time and minimise frustration with tools to fix broken paths for externally referenced files.

Object selection

Selected objects stay in the selection set, even if you pan or zoom off screen.

Text to Mtext

Convert combinations of text and Mtext objects to a single Mtext object

User interface

Work intuitively with common dialogue boxes and toolbars.


Create measurements based on your drawing context

Revision clouds

Create and modify revision clouds more easily

Refined Interface

The darker interface helps reduce eyestrain.

AutoCAD - Features - Resizeable Dialog Boxes
Resizable dialogue boxes

More information, less scrolling


See the details in your designs more clearly


PDFs are smaller, smarter and more searchable.

AutoCAD LT 2017 - Sysvar Monitor

Prevent unwanted changes to your system settings.


Work on an intranet, Internet or cloud connection.


Work on an intranet, Internet or cloud connection.

Reality Computing

Orient your work more precisely with the point cloud.


Help ensure the fidelity of your drawings


Migrating your custom settings and files from preceding releases has never been easier. Your custom settings are detected, allowing you to choose which ones you wish to migrate.


Autodesk Subscription offers pay-as-you-go access to your Autodesk software. Choose from monthly, quarterly, and annual



AutoCAD for Mac

User interaction


Tool palettes

Command line

Multi-functional grips

Object and layer transparency

Dynamic blocks

Associative arrays

Object selection and isolation

Multi-view split screen

Coverflow navigation

Multi-touch gestures

Tool Sets Palette

2D drafting, drawing and annotation




Centrelines and centre marks


Revision clouds




Data linking

Data extraction

Parametric constraints

Express tools

3D modelling and visualisation

Solid, surfacing and mesh modelling

3D navigation (orbit, Viewcube, wheel)

Visual styles

Section planes

Photorealistic rendering (lighting, materials)

3D scanning and pointclouds

Base, projected, section and detail views

3D Print Studio


PDF import/export/underlay

DGN import/export/underlay

DWG and image references

Sheet set manager

Reference Navisworks models

Import 3D models

Geolocation co-ordinate system and online maps

Share Design View

AutoCAD mobile app

Installation and customisation

TrustedDWG™ technology

High-resulotion monitor support

Migration tool

CUI customisation

Secure load

Action recorder

Multi-user (network) license sharing

Sysvar monitor

Tools for managing CAD standards

Application Programming Interface

Autodesk App Store

Autodesk desktop app

AutoCAD 2018 System Requirements

Operating System

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 with Update KB2919355
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10


  • 32-bit – Minimum 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) processor
  • 64-bit – Minimum 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 64-bit (x64) processor


  • 32-bit – 2 GB (4 GB recommended)
  • 64-bit – 2 GB (4 GB recommended)

Display Resolution

  • 1360×768 with True Color. 125% Desktop Scaling (120 DPI) or less (minimum)
  • 1920×1080 with True Color. 125% Desktop Scaling (120 DPI) or less (recommended)

Display Card

  • Windows display adapter capable of 1360×768 with True Color capabilities and DirectX9*. DirectX11 compliant card recommended.

Disk Space

  • Installation 6.0 GB

Pointing Device

  • MS-Mouse compliant device

Media (DVD)

  • Download and installation from DVD


  • Windows Internet Explorer® 9.0 (or later)


  • Continue WINTAB support

.NET Framework

  • .NET Framework Version 4.6

Additional Requirements for Large Datasets, Point Clouds, and 3D Modeling


  • 8 GB RAM or greater

Disk Space

  • 6 GB free hard disk available, not including installation requirements

Display Card

  • 1600×1050 or greater True Color video display adapter; 128 MB VRAM or greater; Pixel Shader 3.0 or greater; Direct3D®-capable workstation class graphics card.
Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 - Box Shot - Small

Next Steps

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