BIM 360 Design Webinar

BIM 360 Design Webinar Series

BIM 360 Design Webinar Series

This BIM 360 Design Webinar Series will help you find solutions in this increasingly digital world we live in. With the increase in digitalisation, the nature of work is changing. We are therefore faced with new challenges and opportunities that have never existed before.

Technology has an important role to play, remote collaboration cannot be done without it. When implementing a solution, how can we ensure success?

This free progressive webinar series looks into the various aspects of design collaboration and project coordination. The first two sessions feature customers sharing their experiences. You can choose whatever topics are best for you

What is BIM 360 Design?

BIM 360 Design enables real-time collaboration.It also provides data management for Revit and Civil 3D projects.This can be within one firm or across multiple organisations as well as well as along the entire project lifecycle.

The Benefits of Using BIM 360 Design

With BIM 360 Design there are many benefits including’

  • Less time fighting with files, more time designing
  • Always on time by co-authoring models in real time and viewing on-line
  • Continually accurate
  • Always in control

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Getting started with BIM 360
BIM 360 Design: Getting Started

The session will cover the concept of design teams and security assigned to the different members, saving versus publishing, the use of packages, and the added benefits of the large model viewer in the communication process between teams.

BIM 360 Design: Staying Connected and Effective

This session will cover notifications using consumed packages, hyper-modelling using the large model viewer as well as comparing design packages.

Optimal Collaboration Workflows
BIM 360 Design: Optimal Collaboration Workflows

After this session you will understand issue management, reporting, and the data connector to extract information.

Single source truth
Common Data Environment: Building a Single Source of Truth

Data for a building project is often stored within different datasources (ERP-CRM-BIM-…). As these tools usually do not talk to one another, we are left with siloed information, and the time-consuming task of extracting and gathering this data is error-prone.

Social model coordination
Model Coordination: Connecting Disciplines for Better Project Delivery

In this session we will be looking at tools, such as Navisworks and BIM 360 Coordinate that can be combined to improve on aggregation of discipline data within a building project.

Premise to cloud
Premise to Cloud: Connecting Legacy Data to All Project Stakeholders

During this session we will briefly review the information and concepts from the previous webinars, and also look at how an existing on premise-system can communicate with our cloud offerings.

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