Cadpoint acquired by Graitec


Cadpoint Acquired by Graitec

Cadpoint are excited to announce that the company has recently been acquired by Graitec UK.  Graitec is an international BIM, Fabrication and Design software developer for AEC, and Autodesk Platinum Partner across Europe.

Through the additional resources from Graitec, Cadpoint’s customers will gain access to a considerable portfolio of technical services and products to enhance design workflows. Benefits include industry-specific Graitec software, additional UK training centres, Graitec PowerPacks, technical consulting and custom software development.

Autodesk Platinum Partner

Autodesk Platinum Partners have proven to demonstrate rich industry expertise, the completion of demanding Autodesk certification and consistent achievement of the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Cadpoint Ltd will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Graitec Ltd so there should be minimal change in terms of day to day operations. We look forward to bringing you further news over the following weeks.

Further information about the announcement can be found here and below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the acquisition take effect?

The change is effective immediately – Cadpoint Ltd is now a 100% owned subsidiary of Graitec Ltd, part of the global Graitec Group.

What will happen to my licences / subscriptions?

You can continue to use all or your licences / subscriptions as before. The management and support of your licences will continue to be served by the Cadpoint team (as a division of Graitec Ltd). For Autodesk subscriptions, you may see your supporting reseller change on your Autodesk Account and email notifications to Graitec.

Over the next 12 months, all Cadpoint staff, customer software assets and branding will be transitioned to Graitec Ltd. We will of course keep you updated as any changes occur. 

As a customer what benefits will I get as a result of the acquisition?

Through the additional resources made available by combining Cadpoint and Graitec, you will gain access to a considerable portfolio of additional technical services and products to enhance your design workflows. Benefits include industry specific Graitec software, additional UK training centres, Graitec PowerPacks, technical consulting and custom software development.

Further information on Graitec PowerPacks can be found at the following links

Graitec PowerPack for Revit

Graitec Powerpack for Inventor

Graitec PowerPack for Vault

Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel

Further information on all Graitec software applications can be found here

This acquisition provides a great opportunity for all Cadpoint customers to benefit from the extensive value-add product and service offerings by the entire Graitec organisation.

I have recently placed an order with Cadpoint Ltd - will this be fulfilled?

Yes, all existing orders will be fulfilled as agreed by Cadpoint.

I have a current quote from Cadpoint - is it still valid?

Yes, your quote is still valid and, if you proceed with an order, it will be processed by Cadpoint.

Do I need to update my licence records on my Autodesk Account to reflect this change?

No – your subscriptions will continue to operate as normal (they will shortly be updated to show Graitec as your supporting reseller).

Do I need to update any payment details for Cadpoint?

For all purchases going forward, please use the payment instructions provided on corresponding proforma invoices (for cash sales) or full invoices (for credit accounts).

Will my terms and conditions with Cadpoint change?

Your terms and conditions for any existing orders will remain the same.

Any orders placed after 01 Nov 2020 will be subject to the Graitec Ltd terms and conditions.

Who do I contact if I need assistance or have any questions?

Please continue to use our existing email addresses until further notice.

You can of course also speak to your account manager who will be happy to assist or raise a support ticket for any technical queries you may have here

If you have any additional enquiries that you feel cannot be addressed above, please contact Steve Houdler (Graitec Managing Director) 

  • Submit your details below and a member of our team will be in touch.

  • Alternatively call:

    01344 751300