Phasing and design options using Revit

Phasing and design options using Revit – Top 10 TIPS

Our next TOP 10 Tips Webinar for AEC Collection is phasing and design options using Revit.

Phasing and design options using Revit webinar

In this webinar, Architectural Technologist & BIM Manager, Jonathan Reinhardt will provide you handy tips and an introduction to this popular topic.

How to work and set up phases in Revit

Many projects, such as renovations, proceed in phases, each representing a distinct time period in the life of the project.

A phase filter is a rule that you apply to a view to control the display of elements based on their phase status: new, existing, demolished, or temporary.  Jonathan will present how to work with and set up phases on your Revit project.

Benefits and working with Design Options in Revit

With Design Options, a team can develop, evaluate, and redesign building components and rooms within a single project file.

Some team members can work on specific options, such as variations of a lobby,  while the rest of the team continues with the main model.

Design options can vary in complexity.  For example, a designer may want to explore alternatives for entry designs or structural systems for a roof.  Design options tend to become more focused and simplified as a project progresses.  Jonathan will demonstrate working with design options on your Revit projects.

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Tuesday 8 December 11am (45 mins)

What is Revit?

Autodesk Revit is a BIM (Building Information Modelling) software. When using Revit it drives efficiency and accuracy across the project lifecycle from conceptual design, visualisation and analysis to fabrication and construction.   It therefore allows you to for instance; to automatically update floor plans, elevations and sections as your model develops.

Who uses Revit?

Revit is used by architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, as well as designers and contractors

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