Webinars: Implementing BIM Level 2 using ISO 19650

Webinars – Implementing BIM Level 2 using ISO 19650

Webinars – Implementing BIM Level 2 using ISO 19650

We will take you through implementing BIM Level 2 using ISO 19650 throughout three informative videos.  They will cover the concepts & principles of moving your design & construction information to a digital process.

We will use ISO 19650 as the context for transforming your design or construction business in 2020. Jonathan will explore how you can move your business towards a BIM Level 2 standard for design & construction companies by understanding at a high level the terminology, workflows & processes associated with a BIM level 2 project.

In the final webinar we will dive into Autodesk workflows to support meeting ISO 19650 standards for BIM Level 2 projects.

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Who will benefit from watching these ISO 19650 webinars?

These webinars are aimed to inform Architects, Engineers & Contractors how to implement BIM Level 2 in their business.

ISO19650 PART 1 – Concepts and Principles

In the first webinar, we will introduce the high level concepts & principles seen in the ISO19650 series.

We will cover why does the management of information matter, the rationale for ISO 19650, high level implementation principles, explaining the information requirements & delivery.

Furthermore, introducing Concepts of managing information practically and explaining the National Annex document is also covered..

ISO19650 PART 2 – Delivery Phases of the Assets

In this webinar we will cover the information management processes required when delivering a project to BIM Level 2.

This will build on the concepts introduced in our first webinar going in-depth into the common data environment, naming conventions and approval workflow principles.

We will look at information requirements in relation to the OIR, AIR, PIR, BEP, AIM & PIM deliverable’s on a BIM Level 2 project.

ISO19650 Video PART 3 – BIM 360 Workflows 

In this final webinar, Jonathan Reinhardt will focus on the Autodesk tools and software to support you in meeting A BIM Level 2 or framework project.

In managing your Common Data Environment (CDE), controlling user’s access permission, approval workflows for documents & drawings, QA/QC checklists & workflows, coordinating with project stakeholders, design team, and clients. As well as meeting asset data requirements and sharing information throughout the design & construction stages of projects.

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