Introduction to InfraWorks

Introduction to InfraWorks – Top 10 TIPS Webinar

We continue our series of TOP 10 Tips Webinars for AEC Collection. In this webinar, we provide you with a great Introduction to InfraWorks ®.

Introduction to InfraWorks Webinar

In this webinar, Technical Consultant, Jonathan Brookfield will provide you an introduction to InfraWorks. 

Jonathan will focus on getting started with using Infraworks to create topographical models to show site context.  This will include road layouts, paths and bridges plus how to collaborate with Civil 3D, Recap Pro and Revit.  

During the webinar, Jonathan will cover the following topics:

  • Infraworks Model Builder
  • Connectivity to Civil 3D / Revit
  • Data sources / model federation
  • Create features (roads, tree, etc.)
  • Cross section views
Autodesk InfraWorks



  • Traffic simulation
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Flood simulation
  • Storyboard creation
  • Drainage network

Who uses InfraWorks?

InfraWorks is aimed at all size businesses, mainly Engineering Service Providers who deliver civil design services to developers, cities, counties, and state DOTs.

Disciplines would include: Road/Highway, Bridge, and Drainage Engineers.

Secondary users would be Planners, Surveyors, Landscape designers, and Architects

Introduction to InfraWorks Webinar has taken place:

Wednesday 23 September 11am (45 mins) BST

What is InfraWorks?

InfraWorks is a Civil infrastructure conceptual design software.  It lets AEC professionals model, analyse, and visualise design concepts within a real-world context of the built and natural environment. As a result, it improves decision making and project outcomes.

It leverages automated, rich 3D model building capability with web-based technology and vertically-specialised functionality.This provides infrastructure engineers with the industry’s most compelling design tool.

InfraWorks comes as a stand-alone product and is also part of the AEC Collection, which supports multidiscipline collaboration so that all project team members benefit from better data continuity.

What does Infraworks do?

With InfraWorks users can anticipate project risks and challenges by assessing multiple infrastructure design concepts in a real-world, contextual environment.Therefore, they can act to make informed, real-time decisions based on analysis and simulations using intelligent models. InfraWorks also enables design models to be moved downstream to AutoCAD, Civil 3D and Revit.

It enables detailed design and construction documentation with minimal loss of critical information. So, with InfraWorks, civil engineers can improve decision making, project stakeholder buy-in, and save both time and money.

Introduction to InfraWorks Webinar has taken place:

Wednesday 23 September 11am (45 mins) BST

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