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AutoCAD License Check Timed out errors: Autodesk Licensing Service Update

Some customers may have encountered the following error when updating to the v2020 release of Autodesk products.

Product license checkout
This most likely occurs when launching AutoCAD 2020 or 2021, but it can also appear randomly when working in the software for a while. 
From v2020 onward Autodesk uses a new Licensing service to the previous versions, and was found to have issues of installation and reliability etc. 
Autodesk had previously released an update for this service to fix this issue in 2019, titled Autodesk Licensing Service – – Update. Since then there have been a few more updates to install, to make sure the licensing service works correctly with their Single Sign on tool – which enables you to simply sign in to activate your license, and forego the use of any serial numbers or license keys.

It is recommended you check and install these updates via the Autodesk Desktop App:

  1. Close all Autodesk applications. 
  2. Open Autodesk Desktop App.
  3. Click on My updates tab
  4. There will be a notification for an update with the title “Autodesk Licensing Service – – Update” and “Single Sign On Component 2020-21 11.3.0 English-US Update 64-Bit”
  5. Please click on the Update button for both and wait until they finish.
This should correct the problems with the service, but if you are still having reoccurring issues, this article here offers more solutions.
If you need further help, do not hesitate to contact us to and raise a support ticket here.
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