Lumion 7 Exterior Render Demo

Lumion 7 Is Available Now

Building on the quality and performance improvements introduced in Lumion 6.5, Lumion 7 focuses on adding new tools and features dedicated to bringing your 3D model to life. Recognizing that not all buildings need to be pristine or perfect, Lumion 7 easily transforms sterile walls and statues into realistic living surfaces with foliage, imperfections, and natural weathering.


What’s New in Lumion 7

These new features remove the coldness of computer-generated imagery by seeking out edges, roughness, and other properties of natural materials to make them look like they’ve been around a while.

Cover materials with leaves or add weathering, aging and transparency. Add light strips or area lighting, transform a wall into thousands of leaves or have ivy creeping from the ground up, all with the click of a button.

You can even put your models on the map with OpenStreetMap. A brand new functionality allowing you to directly pick a location anywhere on Earth. Lumion will then automatically generate corresponding 3D maps by importing data from the OpenStreetMap database.

In addition to these new features 7 also greatly builds on the existing Lumion content Library. The 771 new objects included in the Lumion 7 content library, including new trees and plants, office furniture, home furnishings, road signs vehicles and character models, bring the total number of objects available in the Lumion 7 content library to 3666.

Help you and your clients feel the space with Lumion 7.

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