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Important Changes to the Autodesk Subscription Renewal Programme

18 Jun 2012

We would like to notify you that in the next few months, Autodesk will be making important changes to the Autodesk subscription programme.

Who will be Affected by These Changes?

If you are due to renew your contract between now and January 31st 2013 or your subscription contract has lapsed in the last 12 months, the information below may allow you to make significant savings in maintaining your Autodesk software.

How are Autodesk Subscription Renewals Changing?

From 1st August 2012
2 year renewal discounts will be removed from the Autodesk price list.
3 year renewal discounts will be reduced from 10% to 5%.

From 1st March 2013
Subscription renewal pricing will be increased for selected products to align with new contract pricing introduced earlier this year. Autodesk are investing significantly to enhance the benefits of subscription, particularly through the addition of cloud based services across its entire product range.

Typical Illustrations with Multi Year Options


Subscription Renewal Pricing Options (List Price £SRP)


From 15/06/12
to 31/07/12

From 01/08/12
to 28/02/13

From 01/03/13


1yr £500
3yr £1350

1yr £500
3yr £1425

1yr £555
3yr £1580

AutoCAD Architecture

1yr £575
3yr £1550

1yr £575
3yr £1625

1yr £635
3yr £1810

3ds Max

1yr £360
3yr £970

1yr £360
3yr £1025

1yr £520
3yr £1480

Typical Example
For a single license of AutoCAD, 3 X 1 year renewals (500+555+555) would cost 1610. If Autodesk increase prices by 10% year on year (500+610+671), this would increase to approximately 1780. In contrast, a 3 year renewal purchased before 31/07/12 would cost 1350. So in this example, by taking advantage of the lower pricing and avoiding future price increases, a saving of over 430 (~24%) would be made.

Next Steps

If your subscription renewal date is due before 31st January 2013 (or you have a contract that has lapsed in the last 12 months), you can take advantage of significant savings by taking out a 3 year renewal before 31st July 2012. Even if your organisation purchases a renewal in advance to benefit from these savings, the renewal will commence in line with your current expiry date.

Late Renewal Waiver until 20th July 2012

In most cases, Autodesk charge a late renewal fee of 60+VAT per license for subscriptions that are processed late (between 90 and 364 days after the renewal date). Until 20th July 2012, this late renewal fee is being waivered. If your subscription has lapsed after 21st July 2011, you can take this opportunity to get back on subscription without penalty and take advantage of current multi-year discounts. Traditional Autodesk upgrades costs are increasing in March 2013 from 50% to 70% of new copy pricing. Act now to access a more cost effective way to maintain your software and the extensive benefits that the subscription programme can offer.

Contact Us Now for Further Advice

Our experienced licensing team can assist in minimising the impact of these changes. If you would like to receive further advice or a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the enquiry form below.



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